Our Independance

No conflict of interest, true open architecture platform, unbiased patrimonial advice...

Our Transparency

Costs, One Fee, Consolidation and Management of Accounts...

Our Performance

Team of seasoned analysts and managers, Philosophy of absolute return, Open architecture...

Welcome to Pure Capital

Founded by 5 asset management professionals, Pure Capital has as main objective to build a « win-win » relation through an independent company, solely dedicated to asset management and patrimony analysis. Pure Capital is a privately owned company, without any “major” counterparty influence.

Pure Capital erased all remuneration structures that could potentially deviate the managers from the client’s best interest. Pure Capital works exclusively through its true open architecture platform that gives access to its clients to the best counterparties and products to work with, at the best price.

Pure Capital offers a transparent asset management service. Its commission structure is clear, unique and without any conflict of interest.

The team is made of seasoned analysts and managers, their competences have been demonstrated and recognized in numerous classes of financial assets.

Its asset management philosophy is “absolute return”. This is an opportunistic and not “benchmarked” management of assets which reflects the convictions of the managers. Its purposefully open international approach allowis the possibility to seize investment opportunities on the financial centers of the world. A patrimonial methodology which adds value and lowers risks through a strong investment process, a rigorous risk management and an efficient selection of persons and assets.