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Sponsorship & Social Responsibility


Since its creation, Pure Capital has thrown itself a lot into encouraging the society development. Our entire team is encouraged to be involved in all the causes we defend. Our goal is to improve the local welfare in the region but also to share with our customers and partners an ethical, humanistic and altruistic vision. Pure capital has committed itself to numerous sponsoring and patronage activities. Those activities allow us to support actions in line with our values such as sport, children, fight against deceases, promotion of local and handcraft activities, ...

At Pure Capital, the team is motivated and you can easily observe it both within and outside our offices. Everyone enjoy being involved when it is about promoting the societal values. For instance, we took part in the “Relais pour la vie” in Luxembourg, and even the ones of us who are less into sport, gave the best of themselves – Thierry Léonard, CEO

Pure Capital’s activities :




“It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” ? Roy Disney


Arlon Hockey Club


Relais pour la vie 2015

Relais pour la vie-1Relais pour la vie-2

Relais pour la vie 2016

relais-1 relais-2 relais-3 relais-4

Participation aux Belgian Gentlemen Drivers Club


Bovélo des saveurs 2015


Royal Léopold Club de Bastogne