Our Independance

No conflict of interest, true open architecture platform, unbiased patrimonial advice...

Our Transparency

Costs, One Fee, Consolidation and Management of Accounts...

Our Performance

Team of seasoned analysts and managers, Philosophy of absolute return, Open architecture...

Our added value : You are at the very center



  • No conflict of interest : privately owned company. 100% of the capital is in the hands of the founders, without any “major” counterparty influence. Pure Capital erased all remuneration structures that could potentially diverge the managers from the client’s best interest ;
  • True open architecture platform : identification of the best counterparties and products to work with, at the best price (equities, bonds, funds, deposit rates, options, insurance packages, ...) ;
  • Unbiased patrimonial advice : identification  of the most suitable structures (repatriation versus delocalization, insurance solutions versus holding companies, …).


  • Costs : negotiation, critical analysis and direct access to the best available rates to Pure Capital S.A.'s Clients (custodian fees, transaction fees, administration costs,...) ;
  • One Fee : Pure Capital takes a one and simple direct commission: the management fee. Pure Capital doesn’t earn any money on transactions or any act on behalf of any client. Any potential rebates or any distributor’s "kick-backs" are transferred to the Client's account when feasible ;
  • Consolidation and Management of Accounts : dedicated software enabling consolidation reports analysis and management of Global Clients assets and liabilities.


  • Team of seasoned analysts and managers : team made of experimented analysts and managers: competences demonstrated and recognized in numerous classes of financial assets ;
  • Philosophy of Absolute Return : an opportunistic and non “benchmarked” management of assets which reflects the convictions of our managers. An active management which strives to anticipate markets rather than to undergo them. The organization of the management company ensures that this is very reactive ;
  • Open architecture : a resolutely international opening, just like his management team, which allows seizing investment opportunities on the financial centers in the whole world. A patrimonial approach which adds value and lowers risks through a diversification of assets and persons ;
  • Motivation : within an entrepreneurship structure, the managers are naturally motivated to dedicate their time in the search of performance.