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Philosophy : Absolute return strategy

At Pure Capital, we refuse to hide ourselves behind a benchmark, as too many banks do. If the overall market loses value during difficult times, we will never gain satisfaction from having lost “less” than the market. Our unique objective is to generate positive performances over the years and in a multiple of financial markets. The best performances are the ones you never lose!

"A flexible strategy which aims at protecting your capital during strong declines of markets "graphe1 EN

Within a defined frame of risk and time, the heart of the philosophy of Pure Capital is Capital Protection. This philosophy is only possible thanks to:

A very high level of flexibility and reactivity : Pure Capital investment decision process does not depend on very formal and endless Investment Committees, as is too often the case in big institutions. In these "big boat" institutions, asset allocations and investment decisions regularly reflect compromises to satisfy Investment Bank deciders' "personal ego", dealer’s objectives and/or relative benchmark judgments. In addition, the latter are too frequently taken when the worst has already happened... At Pure Capital, due to the fact that we are independent from any commercial goals and as we are a small but proficient organization, we take our responsibilities within a quick and efficient decision making process, where the client's best interest is always at the heart of every judgment.

A multi-asset classes approach within a constant  evolutive portfolio construction process :  Pure Capital builds Clients’ portfolios through a true open architecture platform and an ongoing investment research process which includes among others, company visits, funds manager due diligences, seminars attendances,…. Our in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of asset classes and our efforts to always be at the “state of art” of the financial industry allow us to react efficiently and proactively to any changes of financial markets conditions.

An implementation of strategic themes and identification of opportunities and tendencies : Pure Capital dedicates a great deal of effort to identify tomorrow's best tendencies and growth opportunities.

A seasoned and very complimentary management team : We think that managing money is first and foremost a “people business” where the quality of the team (and not the size) does matter. Pure Capital has been built and based on this philosophy: the management team has worked together for many years; incorporates multi-disciplinary and complementary skill sets, offers solid backgrounds and all the necessary conditions to align their interests with those of the Clients to perform within a very safe and controlled environment.