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Discretionary mandate : We analyze, we implement, we inform.

Through our discretionary mandates, we manage your patrimony and we inform you.

Together we establish a very dedicated and detailed investment profile. This investment profile takes into account every specific willingness and capacity you could have in terms of investments: return objective, risk appetite, time horizon, financial needs and obligations, fiscal aspects as well as personal preferences such as  ethics, environment and social responsibility, ….

Once this framework is well defined, we implement a dedicated investment portfolio strategy that we manage efficiently over the years, placing your needs and interests at the very center.

We will keep you informed about your patrimonial development on a very regular basis. Together, we will also monitor closely your personal, professional and private development which could potentially have an important impact on the way we manage your patrimony. In a word, Pure Capital offers through its discretionary mandates a very dedicated, controlled and evolutive patrimony management service.    

Despite the fact that discretionary mandates at Pure Capital are implemented through a very customized approach, our Clients’ profile evolves generally around 3 types of investment policy: Income, Wealth and Growth.



Income, Wealth and Growth Mandates


Income Mandate : Profile looking typically for revenues under the form of cash incomes. Risk appetite is very low. Investment horizon is short (1 to 3 years). Permanent availability of the capital is very important and preservation of the capital is paramount.  Depending on the risk free rate evolution, the annual targeted return varies between 4% and 5% for an annual volatility of 3% to 4%. Our allocation committee aims to produce regular revenues by using mainly cash, government bonds, corporate bonds and high dividend stocks. In some circumstances, Pure Capital could use low volatile decorrelated strategies to enhance return. 

Wealth Mandate : Profile looking typically for decent returns while preserving the capital over the midterm (3 to 5 years). Risk appetite is moderate. The annual targeted return is between 6% and 8% for a given annual volatility of 4% to 6%. Typically, our allocation committee weights markets and assets classes to produce diversified and sustainable sources of returns. Equity exposure varies from 0% to 50%. Bonds, cash and low volatile decorrelated strategies complete the portfolio. Portfolio construction through multi-class approach and flexibility are at the very center of this Wealth Mandate.

Growth Mandate : Profile looking to maximize return while preventing capital from important losses. Investment horizon is longer than 5 years. Risk appetite is higher but not excessive. The annual targeted return is between 8% and 15% for a given volatility of 6% to 8%. Portfolio construction and investment philosophy are the same as for Wealth Mandate but with a higher freedom in terms of risks and in terms of opportunity sets. Equity exposure varies from 0% to 100%. Bonds, cash, decorrelated and specific strategies complete the portfolio. Portfolio construction, multi-class approach, flexibility and reactivity are the base of this unique Growth Mandate.

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