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Execution only : In-depth connection into the markets to ensure best execution at fair cost

Pure Capital offers a professional "execution only" service.

We give our Clients access to a highly valuable direct trading assistance.

Our added value lies in our trading capacities through "on-line" and "direct call" accesses for immediate advices and best execution. Our solid operational implementation platform offers a safe and controlled trading environment.  

Our very competitive tariff base, pre-negotiated with Depositary Banks, is another important added value. This lowers considerably the "friction" costs of all your operations which leads definitively to higher performances. 

Our "execution only" service is based on several main principles:

  • in addition of ensuring best execution price, our privileged relations with the different Depositary Banks give us more flexibility. For instance we can buy a bond from the cheapest dealer and settle the position in another bank without any significant additional cost ;
  • the best execution is not only coming from low transaction costs but also and mostly from volume considerations and a good timing validated by our traders 'technical analysis and expertise ;
  • a perfect knowledge of a variety of instruments. Our traders are comfortable to trade any securities from ordinary stocks, bonds, foreign currencies to derivatives such as futures and options ;
  • an access to real time quotations for all financial markets and the possibility to trade on the US market till closure.

For more information on our services please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , T: +352 26 39 86,  F : +352 26 39 86 57