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Investment Advisory to professionals

Pure Capital aims to provide institutional clients with support for their investment activities. Our investing advisory services are performed around one core philosophy about investing, that is: “simple but not easy!”
Indeed, keep it simple* is likely the best way to enjoy successful investment strategy but how complex** is it to implement.

* Carrying out understandable, transparent and liquid strategy, favouring plain vanilla instruments rather than exotic ones, avoiding leverage, using derivatives rationally, etc.

** Digesting continuous and endless flows of information, timing markets, lowering the gap between analysis and trading, rebalancing portfolio, discovering talents, getting familiar with them, performing intelligent due diligence and continuous monitoring, keeping up with the news and investors’ positioning, carrying out reporting and ad hoc administration, paying attention to competition, etc.

Accordingly, Pure Capital commits itself to deliver advisory services in a way that is :

  • Client oriented : your franchise remains the only visible one vis-à-vis your own clients ;
  • Ready- and easy-to-use : we only operate through efficient supports and communication tools ;
  • Forward looking : only expected returns matter, not past returns ;
  • Pro- and Re- Active : our availability and flexibility is key in order to timely capture investing opportunities.

For more information on our services please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , T: +352 26 39 86,  F : +352 26 39 86 57