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- Fund name :
- Compartment name :
- Classification :
  Asset allocation
- Legal structure :
  Luxembourg SICAV (UCITS IV)
- Currency :
- NAV frequency :
- Dealing frequency :
- Cut-off :
  10.00 (CET)
- Settlement :
  4 working days max. 
- Distribution policy :
- Management fee :
  Retail – RC : 1.50 %
- Performance fee :
  No Performance Fee
- Inception Date :
- Custodian :
  RBC Investor Services S.A.
- ISIN :
  RC : LU1493823055 
- Bloomberg :
  RC : PACHIRA LX Equity
- Asset manager :
  Pure Capital S.A.
- Fund manager :
  F. D'Agostini 
- NAV publication :
  Website, Bloomberg
- Website :
- Date : 
- NAV : 
  RC : 1057,03 €


 YTD1 YearFrom Start
RC 0,3 % 2,17 % 5,7 %

Keeping its philosophy intact, Pure Capital gives access to its strategies through UCITS IV Luxembourg SICAV Pure Capital Fund SICAV Pachira Fund


Investment objective

The objective of the sub-fund is to maximize the return on investment, independently from the performance of the markets, through a diversified portfolio principally made of UCITS and ETF’s. Underlying funds will mainly focus on flexible global asset allocation strategies.

Investor profile

The sub-fund is available to all investors who want to participate in the opportunities offered by the international equity and debt markets.
Investors who plan to maintain their investment over the medium term (between 3 and 5 years).

Investment strategies and policy

The investment policy takes into account the principles of risk spreading by means of a large diversification of investments, an in-depth portfolio construction process and a high level of flexibility and reactivity of investment decisions with specific investment themes focus (i.e. specific segment of the bond markets, by geographical zones, sectors, ratings and maturities).

Financial instruments and limits

The sub-fund Pachira Fund is exposed to :

  • Equities : the sub-fund will be exposed, up to a maximum of 60% of the net assets of the sub-fund, directly or indirectly to equities and other securities giving or capable of giving, directly or indirectly, access to capital or voting rights, traded on Eurozone and/or international markets, potentially including a significant portion of the investments in the emerging countries ;
  • Debt securities : the sub-fund will be invested, up to a maximum of 60% of the net assets of the sub-fund, directly or indirectly in debt securities (i.e. fixed rate bonds, transferable debt securities, treasury bills, variable rate bonds, convertible bonds and inflation-linked bonds, potentially including a significant portion of investments in the emerging countries). Nevertheless, the sub-fund may not be invested more than 15% in contingent convertible bonds and more generally not more than 40% in contingent convertible bonds and other hybrid bonds either in financial or non financial sectors :
    • Howell it is not the intention, the sub-fund may be invested opportunistically (up to 10% of the net assets) into eligible asset backed securities and mortgage backed securities ;
  • Commodity markets : the sub-fund may be invested up to 10% of the net assets into eligible exchange traded commodity securities (ETC) which underlying exposure is related to the commodity markets ;
  • Real Estate markets : the sub-fund may be invested up to 20% of the net assets into eligible exchange traded real estate securities or UCITS specialized in Real Estate Investment Trust ;
  • The sub-fund may invest up to 100% of its net assets in shares or units of UCITS or other UCIs.