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- Fund name :
  La Financière Constance SICAV
- Compartment name :
- Classification :
  Asset allocation
- Legal structure :
  Luxembourg SICAV (UCITS IV)
- Currency :
- NAV frequency :
- Dealing frequency :
- Cut-off :
  10.00 (CET) day D for subscription D+1 NAV
- Settlement :
  4 working days max.
- Distribution policy :
- Management fee :
  1.50 %
- Performance fee :
- Inception Date :
- Custodian :
  Société Générale Bank and Trust
- ISIN :
- Bloomberg :
- Asset manager :
  La Financière Constance INC.
- Fund manager :
  Olivier Armangau
- NAV publication :
  Website, Bloomberg
- Website :
- Date : 
- NAV : 
  92,4 EUR

Keeping its philosophy intact, Pure Capital gives access to its strategies through UCITS IV Luxembourg


Objective and investment policy

The objective of the fund is to deliver a performance in line with competing balanced funds, with a reduced volatility.

The investment policy includes the principles of increased risk diversification, an advanced portfolio construction process as well as a high level of flexibility and reactivity of investment decisions. Constance Stratégie is a diversified fund mostly comprising of short and long term debt, equities and alternative strategies, without geographic restrictions and with a relative biais for European assets. The investments are made mainly through investment fund selected for their attractive risk/return ratios. The analysis focuses as well in particular on the management during troubled market periods. For hedging and/or for directional choices, the fund may invest into derivatives, through simple strategies.

Investor profile

The SICAV is aimed to any investor willing to benefit of the opportunities offered by the international markets in terms of equities, interest rates, debt, currencies and any type of securities, while placing capital protection on top of the investment decision process.

The investor should be looking at a medium term investment horizon (3-5 years).

The annual return objective under such period is 5 to 7% for a volatility of 6 to 8%.

Financial instruments and intrinsic limits

The Stratégie sub-fund for La Financière Constance SICAV is exposed to :

  • Equities  : 65% maximum of NAV may be invested directly or indirectly into the international equity markets, with no restrictions in terms of capitalisation, industrial sector and/or region, which may potentially include a significative exposure towards emerging markets.
  • Bonds and debt instruments : No restrictions in terms of weight nor at the level of the choice of the instruments. The sub-fund may invest into securities with fixed or floating rate, as well as any treasury bills or treasury instrument. There are no restrictions either in terms of rating, maturity, and/or regional allocation, which may potentially include emerging markets:
  • Commodities : no exposition of the NAV to eligible investments exposed to commodities markets ;
  • Currencies : an exposition to different currencies may occur for hedging purposes mainly ;
  • Derivatives : the sub-fund may invest into derivative instruments such as futures and options, in order to increase the exposition of the portfolio or on the contrary to cover certain market risks. The exposition will in any case be limited to a maximum 100% of the NAV ;
  • The sub-fund may invest up to 100% of its NAV into units or shares of other UCITS and eligible funds.